My studio

My art reflects my fascination with things passed, for their simplicity and timeless appeal. By directly and indirectly using antique and vintage items and fusing them with contemporary graphic elements, my work becomes a timeless marriage of old and new. 

I visit antique markets regularly to source materials and to find inspiration. I'm particularly drawn to old photographs of people because they are full of emotion and untold stories. By extracting the photographs’ subjects and using them as a reference for my painting, I channel their emotions into my canvas and bring back to life what was once ephemeral and forgotten. The subjects take on a new narrative in their new setting, evoking nostalgia and spurring the viewers to create their own stories that draw on their memories.

I approach my works with the skills and sensibilities of a designer and an artist. Drawing from my own personal experience as a graphic designer, I use the computer to plan and compose my work, then move on to the canvas with paints and brushes. My work is a result of my sentimentality and a curious longing for the past while living in the present.